Types of Trainings in Philippine Civil Service

The types of trainings to be indicated on the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) has been clarified by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) of the Philippines through its promulgated resolutions.

Trainings attended is part of the Qualification Standards (QS) to be followed in the Civil Service in the Philippines.

Learning and Development (L&D) Interventions/Training Programs

How to fill-out the Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

How to fill-out the Learning and Development (L&D) Interventions / Training Programs Attended on the Personal Data Sheet (PDS)? The following are the instructions to be followed when filling-out part VII of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS).

  • Indicate full titles of the training attended from starting from the most recent.
  • Indicate Inclusive dates of attendance, start (from) and end (to) should be in numeric format: mm/dd/yyyy
  • Indicate the number of hours attended
  • Indicate the type of L&D intervention (i.e. Managerial, Supervisory, Technical or Foundation).
  • Indicate the full name of institution that conducted training the program. For example, "Civil Service Commission".


Title of Learning and Development Intervention/Training ProgramsInclusive Dates of Attendance
Inclusive Dates of Attendance
Number of HoursType of LDConducted/Sponsored by:
Basics of Human Resources Management05/08/202005/08/20208TechnicalVyrzantium, Inc.

Positions classified as Division Chief and Executive/Managerial

For positions classified as Division Chief and Executive/Managerial, only the trainings attended in the last 5 years are considered in the assessment of the Qualification of an applicant against the Qualification Standards (QS) of the position applied.

Types of Learning Interventions or Trainings

What are the types of Learning Interventions as specified by the Civil Service Commission (CSC)? There are four (4) types enumerated by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) which are the following:


Foundation trainings are Learning and development interventions that includes the induction program, orientation program or value development program


Refers to substantive programs in specific professional/technical/scientific/areas for enhancement of skills and knowledge of second level personnel in the career service


Trainings that are in the Supervisory type are professional, technical and scientific trainings which have the responsibility of overseeing the work of an organizational unit charged with a major and specialized activity.

This includes tasks of a supervisor that plans, programs, delegates tasks and evaluates performance of employees; monitors work outputs; maintains moral and discipline among employees; develops cooperation and ensure a well-coordinated workforce; and coordinates and cooperates with other organizational units.


Trainings that are in the Executive/Managerial type includes professional, technical and scientific positions, the functions of which are managerial in character

Specifically, it is about exercising management over people, resource, and/or policy and exercising functions such as planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and overseeing the activities of an organization, a unit thereof or of a group, requiring some degree of professional, technical or scientific knowledge and experience, application of managerial skills required to carry out basic duties and responsibilities involving leadership, functional guidance and control.

These positions require intensive and through knowledge of a specialized field.

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