Stateboard Verification Process in PRC (CGFNS)

This article would discuss the procedure on how to process your Stateboard Verification documents, particularly for CGFNS in the United States of America (USA).

This article represents my personal experience in February 2021 as an authorized representative in processing the Stateboard Verification for CGFNS in the USA. The CGFNS International, Inc. (formerly known as the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) is an non-profit organization that handles with a variety of tasks for Foreign Nursing School graduates.


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What are the requirements for the Stateboard Verification in Professional Regulation Commission?

The following are the documentary requirements for the processing of the Stateboard Verification by the PRC:

  • License verification form (From CGFNS or the equivalent organization in your country)
  • Photocopy of valid Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • Stateboard Verification Slip
  • Photocopy of the Transcript of Records (TOR)

What are the fees needed to be paid for the processing of the Stateboard Verification?

The following are the fees needed to pay for the processing of the Stateboard Verification:

  • Verification Fee - PhP 200.00
  • Documentary Stamps (2 pieces) - PhP 50.00
  • Courier fee (DHL/FedEx) - PhP 1,800.00+
    • Price is dependent on the country where the document will be sent. In my experience, the document to be sent to the United States of America (USA) was PhP 1,915.00

Can a representative process the Stateboard Verification?

Yes, a representative can submit and process the Stateboard Verification requirements to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

In addition to the aforementioned requirements, the representative shall bring the additional documents:

  • Authorization Letter
  • Representative's Valid ID

Is a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) required?

The Special Power of Attorney (SPA) is not part of the supporting documents for the Authorized Representative.

Is an Appointment required to process the Stateboard Verification

As per my inquiry with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), the process of the Stateboard Verification is a walk-in transaction only. There is no need appointment necessary for the Stateboard Verification.

What is the process for the Stateboard Verification in Professional Regulation Commission (PRC)?

The following are the steps for processing the Stateboard Verification with the PRC:

Step #1 - COVID Heath Declaration Form

You would be required to fill-out the COVID Health Declaration Form and get your temperature checked before you are allowed to enter the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Building.

The forms are in a small box on top of tables a few steps away from from the entrance. Fill-out the document and line-up to enter the PRC Building.

Step #2 - Initial assessment of PRC Officer of Stateboard Verification Window

Proceed to Window A to the Stateboard Verification Window. You may get confused as you have to go to the other side of the Building. There are different Windows for different documents however you will only be interacting with Window A with the sign indicating "Stateboard Verification".

The Stateboard Verification Officer (Window A) does not have many people lining up so you may already be entertained immediately by the PRC Officer.

The PRC Officer would take the documents for the initial assessment and verify if you have the complete documents. They would write on the Stateboard Verification Slip the amount to pay for the processing fee and paperclip all of your documents.

You would be then asked to proceed to the Cashier to pay the processing fee, and pay the documentary stamps. You may be asked to return to the PRC Officer or would be informed regarding the Courier Service. It is best to follow the instruction of the PRC Officer.

In my experience, I was asked to return after paying the processing fee to the Cashier and buying the documentary stamp.

Step #3 - Payment of Stateboard Verification Processing fee to the Cashier

You would be returning to the other side of the PRC Office near the entrance. The Cashier Windows are 32 and 34 and you would be asked to line up. Additional windows may be opened up by PRC in the future that would hasten the processing.

The line for the Cashier is often around 80 persons at any given time. However, the processing of the Cashiers is quick. In my experience it took me around 35 minutes to be entertained by the cashier.

In my experience, having the exact change may get yourself ahead of the line of a few persons as the Cashiers had run out of change and cannot process the payment for people do not have the exact amount.

Pay the PhP200 to the Cashier and you would be given a receipt.

The area where you can buy the documentary stamps is just on the other side of the Cashier.

Step #4 - Payment of Documentary Stamp

Proceed to the stall where you can buy the documentary stamps and pay PhP 50.00. The Officer would give you 2 documentary stamps.

Return to the Stateboard Verification Window.

Step #5 - Payment of Courier Service

Inform the PRC Officer that you have paid the processing fee and present the receipt and documentary stamps.

The PRC Officer would ask you if the delivery is express or Regular postal.

If you choose the Regular postal delivery, it would take 2 months for it to be delivered.

The Express postal delivery would take 1 to 2 days but would cost more. The PRC Officer would direct you to proceed to DHL or FedEx outside the PRC Office if you wish to have the express postal delivery.

In my case, I used DHL for the courier service.

DHL has a small office in front the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). Once you enter, there would be a small window for the processing.

Present the Stateboard Verification documents with the processing receipt and you would be asked to pay the corresponding amount. The amounts for the different countries are placed on the table. I was asked to the PhP 1,915.00 as the payment is for the CGFNS in the United States of America (USA).

The DHL personnel would ask for your mobile number and write it on your receipt. They would text you the tracking code after the Verification documents has been shipped. PRC would directly give the documents to DHL after they have processed by verification documents.

The DHL personnel would staple the courier delivery receipt to your PRC Stateboard processing receipt, and would return all of the documents to you.

After you have retrieved all of your documents, return to the Stateboard Verification window.

Step #6 - Return to Stateboard Verification Window and sign the Logbook

Return to Stateboard Verification Widnow and give the documents to the PRC Officer. They would return the receipts to you and you would be then asked to fill-out a logboook.

Fill-out the logbook and write the name of the person who you are processing for (if you are the authorized representative).

And now you are done with the process. It would take around an hour or less for you to finish the entire Stateboard Verification process with the PRC.

Step #7 - Mailing and Receipt of CGFNS

The processing of the Stateboard Verification documents by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) would take around 20 days. After that, PRC would transfer the documents to your chosen courier service. At this point, you should receive your tracking number.

The delivery time of the courier service is around 1 - 2 days to your chosen country. The CGFNS or respective organization would inform the applicant of the Stateboard Verification directly.

In this case, once you have seen on the DHL website that the document has been received by CGFNS, It is estimated that they would confirm the receipt of the documents in 2 -3 weeks.

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