Republic Act (RA) 1080 – Bar / Board Eligibility

Have you passed a Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board or Bar exam and aspire to work for the Philippine government?

If yes, then you may already be eligible to qualify for positions in the government.

This is in accordance with Republic Act No. 1080 which states that examinations given by the various boards of examiners of the government are declared as Civil Service Exams and passers of which are considered as Civil Service Passers.

This is aside from the fact that passers of their respective Boards exams are already eligible to positions which require their practice of professions such as Attorney and Accountant positions.

However, not all PRC Board exams would qualify a passer for all of the positions as the eligibility to a position depends on the requirements of the Board Exam one has passed.

As stated in Section 75-76, Part V, Rule VIII of the Omnibus Rules and Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions (ORA-OHRA) which was revised on July 2018, passing an exam which requires at least a bachelor's degree is equivalent to 2nd Level Eligibility (Civil Service Professional Eligibility) and passing an exam which requires completion of less than a bachelor's degree is equivalent to a 1st Level Eligibility (Civil Service Sub-Professional Eligibility). Below is a table summary to emphasize what was stated:

Type of Exam:Career Service Level
1.) PRC Board exam which requires a Bachelor's Degree
or 2.) Bar Exam
1.) PRC Board exam which requires less than a Bachelor's DegreeSub-Professional

So if you're thinking that you still need to take the next Civil Service Exam after you have already passed a PRC Board or Bar Exam, don't worry as you may be already eligible to do so. So start applying!

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