Personal Data Sheet (PDS) of the PH CSC

The Personal Data Sheet (PDS) of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) is the official biological information document used in the government of the Philippines.


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What is the Personal Data Sheet (PDS)?

The Personal Data Sheet (PDS) is the official information sheet for all government officials and employees as a main supporting document for all appointments in the government service.

As stated in Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution No. 1700656 promulgated on 21 March 2017,

Any misrepresentation made in the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) (CS Form No. 212, Revised 2017) and the Work Experience Sheet shall cause the filling of administrative/criminal case/s against the person concerned.

What is a Work Experience Sheet (WES)?

To aid the CSC Regional and Field Offices in the evaluation of appointments issued in terms of appointee's qualification vis-a-vis the position being filled, a Work Experience Sheet (WES) is included where the actual duties of the relevant positions declared in Item V (Work Experience of the PDS, Revised 2017 are specified for purposes of application to a vacant position.

Formats of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS)


Civil Service Commission (CSC) Resolution 050233 was issued on 16 February 2005 was issued to update the Personal Date Sheet (PDS) of all government officials and employees.


2017 is the most updated version of the Personal Data Sheet and was promulgated on 21 March 2017. An updated version of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS) was necessary to capture relevant information regarding citizenship with the passage of Republic Act No. 9225 regarding Filipino Citizenship.

Parts of the Personal Data Sheet (PDS)

The Personal Data Sheet (PDS) (CS Form. No. 212, Revised 2017) is 4 pages long and printed on Legal-size paper.

Personal Information

Family Background

Educational Background

Civil Service Eligibility

Republic Act 1080 - Bar / Board Eligibility

Work Experience

Voluntary Work or Involvement in Civic/ Non-Government / People / Voluntary Organizations

Learning and Development (L&D) Interventions / Training Programs attended

Other Information

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