10 day Pandemic Leave filed in Senate

A 10 day Pandemic Leave for both private and public sector employees has been filed by Senator Leila M. de Lima in the Senate of the Philippines.

if Senate Bill (SB) No. 2148 and it's equivalent bill in the House of Representatives is passed and signed into law, all employees that have confirmed cases of COVID-19 would be able to avail of the 10 day pandemic leave.

The 10 days would allow employees, who cannot avail the work-from-home scheme of their company due to their nature of work, to go on quarantine.

As of the writing of this article, Senate Bill (SB) No. 2148 has yet to be uploaded on the Senate website as SB 2124 regarding amendments to the Sangguniang Kabataan Act is the last bill to be uploaded.

There are no details yet whether public agency funds or employers would shoulder the additional costs of the 10 day Pandemic Leave, should it be signed into law.

The filling of the Senate Bill is one of the ways the legislative branch is seeking to alleviate the burden of the pandemic on workers in the Philippines.

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